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Things people have been writing about Pendergast


Hiske Versprille in Parool (8,5): “… zorgvuldig, supervriendelijk Amerikaans barbecuerestaurant …”


NRC (8½): “… aanwinst voor de stad”




pendergast in delicious magazine

August 2016 bbq feature in delicious magazine includes an in-depth piece on Pendergast and many recipes. (photography and styling by Cyn Ferdinandus and Alan Jensen)











Quote / Harper’s Bazaar / Bart’s Boekje: ” … best and most delicious restaurants in Amsterdam”



amsterdamfoodie (Vicky Hampton): ” … some of the best BBQ they’ve eaten — on either side of the Atlantic …”

Pendergast: Life. Changing. Barbecue.


Awesome Amsterdam: “… cozy Amsterdam neighborhood restaurant….”



Blue Nadz: “… super tender, fatty, off the bone, rich flavored smoky ribs. I can’t even explain it, just perfect!”

Pendergast – smokehouse



John Tanner: ” If you’re in, well, Western Europe you definitely should go to Pendergast.”

Pendergast, Amsterdam, Netherlands



Kansas City Star’s Ardie Davis (Chowtown):